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Wednesday, May 19, 2004 :::
Sh#t, my back hurts...
No, its not be just getting old-DER (not old), I've got scoliosis (curvature of the spine)... so stress is not evenly distributed and thus well supported... therefore parts of my back just simply hurt sometimes... and today seems to be one of those days.

::: posted by webtoad at 5/19/2004 06:03:00 PM

Woohoo... Wireless print server...
Just got my wireless print server I ordered from newegg.com. Now, I don't have to have a dedicated machine to act as a printserver. Plus, being wireless, I can put this where I want. It does parallel and usb printers... wireless and ethernet hookups... and speaks all the major protocols: tcpip printing, windows (smb), and mac (appletalk). Haven't set it up yet. Hopefully its not a pain in the ass.

::: posted by webtoad at 5/19/2004 06:00:00 PM

*oh*...uh oh... (scrambles out of office cube for the can)...

::: posted by webtoad at 5/19/2004 12:41:00 PM

Misc (aka sh#t I'm too lazy to categorize)...

Well, now that I've managed to successfully *sarcasm* stagnate my blog, think I'll post. Actually, I just got fed up w/the work it took to express my thoughts... I like to bitch and moan, but to take the time and effort to put it in a blog requires work... guess that just makes me lazy. That, and the fact you really can't post ALL your thoughts because some ppl who read it know you. So, when your whining about someone (job, family, friends), you can't really throw it in a blog they might read. Well, you can but then you'll havve to deal w/all the sh#t that goes with it.

Hmmm.... I'd like to say I have something clever/interesting here... mmmm, but I don't.

Some favorite joke names I enjoy nowdays for azzhole sites that make me register:
Hugh Jass
Haywood Jablowme
Mike Hunt
Amanda Huginakiss (from the simpson's. And, no, I like chics not dudes).

Errr... lately, I've been gamin in JK2 doing Insta-gib. JK2=Jedi Knight. Insta-gib=1 shot, 1 kill. Pretty d#mn cool. My char is deadmeat. So, I dare your lame azz to get on and grease (kill) me. Actually, I'm not that good so shouldn't be too hard.

Err..... ????.... hmmm..... memory cache empty.

::: posted by webtoad at 5/19/2004 12:30:00 PM

Tuesday, January 20, 2004 :::
Dean... he's angry... all the time... That's only I know about the guy... he's angry all the time. Every ad I see.. "Hi I'm Dean and I'm angry...". Over and over... apparently he's angry all the time. He lost in Iowa and he's what? you guessed it, angry! The guys got some serious anger issues.

"Hi I'm Dean. I lost in Iowa and I'm angry. When I win, I'm angry. I'm angry when I eat. Heck, I'm angry when I'm nailing my wife. I just made all the lights and I'm angry. I'm angry when I'm not angry. And you know what, that makes me angry."

Jeez... just what I want... someone angry w/a nuke button available. You know what, that makes me angry... hey, think I'll run for office. Grrrrrrr.....!!!!!

::: posted by webtoad at 1/20/2004 04:02:00 PM

Tuesday, January 13, 2004 :::
Back in the saddle again... Well, after taking a much deserved hiatus from the mating game aka dating, time to jump back in. Probably been a few years. Yes, I was that sick of it. But, new town new start... plus, give me a chance to see the sites some. Gotta get my GE profile (Great Expectations) updated, might toss something out on Yahoo Personals but don't know... other than that, guess it'll just be pure random luck... I don't do the "bar/stalking prey" thing so that's out. Could try kidnapping which solves the "get a girl prob", but puts a real damper on the whole "get to like me" thing... plus there's the whole jail thing too... so gonna pass on that.

::: posted by webtoad at 1/13/2004 04:04:00 PM

Viva Las Vegas! Got finished booking hotel and airfare to Las Vegas this weekend. Friend and I are going to Vegas to have a blast. Never been, hear Vegas is pretty cool. I don't gamble so the massive gambling losses shouldn't be a prob. Will probably catch alot of sites. Got Wayne Newton on my list... he's been around so long he's went from uncool to cool again.

::: posted by webtoad at 1/13/2004 02:11:00 PM

*lets out explosive breath* I'M ALIVE... I imagine my absense has killed all the traffic that passed thru. But, what the heck, I'll post anyways... heck, maybe I'll have an anon log I can post all uncensored thoughts to... err, I don't think so. Anyways, I'm alive and busier than a 1-legged man in a punting competition. At some point, I'll post some stuff about what's been going on.

::: posted by webtoad at 1/13/2004 02:08:00 PM

Wednesday, November 05, 2003 :::
Aww man... no "Major Tom" or "Silent Running" in iTunes music store... was looking for these... not found. Bummer.

::: posted by webtoad at 11/05/2003 11:18:00 PM

Matrix Revolutions review.... grade: B... Saw it today (opening day). It was good. Better than the 2nd (which was mediocre at best) and but not as good as the 1st. In defense of the 2nd movie, I should say this. It covered the middle of the story arc, and you're just not gonna get much "movement" at that point. Kind of like tossing a ball up, it has the least movement/velocity as it reaches the top of its arc and reverses downward. The begining and ends will generally be more exciting. Anyways, I liked it... I think they could've shorted it in a few spots. Also... it will probably take a few viewings before you pick up everything in the movie... especially in the last 5 mins when they really cram alot of stuff in there... mmm... that's it.

::: posted by webtoad at 11/05/2003 11:16:00 PM

Tuesday, November 04, 2003 :::
Matrix Revolutions (movie #3).... oh crap, not another dud! .... been readin reviews and it aint pretty. they consistently say "great action special effects, no substance... ie no drama, char dev, etc". You know they said the same thing on #2 and I shrugged it off. Then, I found out they were right... frankly, #2 was a bit lame. Well, they're saying the same thing on this one and I fear they may be right. Here's one of the funniest quotes I found about the movie:
...the Wachowski brothers have delivered a dud so disappointing, they may as well have bussed in Ewoks to save Zion.

::: posted by webtoad at 11/04/2003 07:23:00 PM

Monday, November 03, 2003 :::
"Who's looking out for you?" by Bill O'Reilly... Got this as an audiobook from iTunes music store (which rocks). Good book! Highly recommend it. Haven't finished it yet, but its been great so far. Very enlightening, well reasoned, and nicely presented. I've always found Bill to be calm cool and rational... presenting thoughts and assertions based on logic and evidence. Anyways, the books is very enlightening and I recommend it.

::: posted by webtoad at 11/03/2003 05:18:00 AM

Friday, October 31, 2003 :::
A MacOSX "Oh crap!" moment... Had a rather interesting and bizarre "oh crap" moment today. I need to boot off my diskwarrior3 disk to defrag the drives. Prior to 10.3, I used to just press "C" will it rebooted and it booted the cd. For some reason, "C" nor "apple-C" didn't work. So, I went into "startup disks" and selected the cd. Ok, no big deal right? Wrong! When it boots off the cd, it locks the drive so you can't eject. And, when you're done w/diskwarrior, the cd is still locked. No big deal right? Just pop the drive when it reboots.. wrong! Unlike a pc, on the mac there's is no eject button on the drive door... its on the keyboard... and despite the reboot and frantically pressing the eject key, the drive wouldn't eject the cd. And, since the system was still set to boot off the cd, it just kept booting the cd which kept the cd locked. So.. basically, I couldn't get the cd out nor could i get it to boot off the harddrive. What the F#CK?! Its a fun moment realizing you're screwed and imaging yourself calling AppleSupport "Yeah, my mac is dead. It won't stop booting off the cd it won't eject". Fixed it. Opened the case (shhh, don't tell AppleSupport) and unplugged the cd drive. Wah-lah! No cd boot and straight into hd where I could reset the "startup" disk back to the hd. Then, plug the cd back in and its all fixed.

Tip for Apple... you can set standard pc bios to boot in sequence.... such as cd, then hd. You might try that. Little simpler. i still don't know how I'll boot of the cd in 10.3 w/o screwing myself.

::: posted by webtoad at 10/31/2003 12:15:00 AM

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